Monday, April 27, 2015

The Rules for Creative Cohabitation in the Studio

I had the good fortune to hire a wonderful, red-headed, Baptist, southern woman and a totally out-of-the-closet, really funny, gay man. They were both hugely talented. They had a great 3-D sense and an intuitive understanding of interior, mascot engineering.

....and they really, really liked each other and I adored both of them. They kept me laughing.

To keep the peace, at AvantGarb, I knew I was going to have to set some boundaries. 

These guidelines are good ones for every workplace. Well, you might not be that interested in new ways to knot a piece of thread ---but you'll get the picture. 

The Rules for Creative Cohabitation 

in the Mascot Studio

When making mascots, we have to communicate clearly with each other. Ask questions often and you must have courage. Keep communication open and transparent.

Fabric, foam and fuzz are endlessly fascinating in a mascot shop. As are:

  • New ways to knot a piece of thread,
  • Interior mascot engineering
  • Sturdy ways to secure a helmet in a mascot head.
  • Really corny jokes.
  • Funny, buoyant stories,
  • Mascot videos at lunch
  • Favorite illustrations in the ULine catalog
  • get the picture

Not endlessly fascinating and creative inhibitors are:

  • Personal politics and personal sex life.
  • Any words you wouldn’t say in front of a 4 year old - we want to keep the mascot spirits sweet - even the ones with the Game Face.
  • Anything disgusting. If it’s a story you really love, but think it might possibly be disgusting to some --- don’t tell it --- it’s the thing about keeping the mascot souls sweet.

Last but Certainly not Least, Dress Code & Hygiene:

There is no back room. We’re all on stage at AvantGarb so….
  • We have to look good AND, have clothes we can work in - it's a delicate balance.
  • Stylishly distressed clothes are fine - no worn-out clothes with holes, tears, weird stains, inappropriate words or images.
  • It can be a dirty job. We get sharpie marker on our hands, adhesive in our hair - let's give ourselves the best chance we can at looking pretty good - start out clean.
  • get the picture