Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Good Exposure for Your Art? Really?

Most of us have been there. Someone has flattered us by asking if we would be willing to display our work at their business - a restaurant or a lobby, maybe a snazzy spa.

When a business comes by and says they would like to hang your art on their walls, claiming it will be good exposure, approach their offer as the beginning of a negotiation.

Free is too expensive for the artist. 

Have a monthly rental cost sheet - maybe $500/painting/month - whatever cost you feel comfortable with. If people are spending money for something, they pay attention to it. If they live with it long enough, they may buy it.

Make demands, as well like: 
  • The art must be hung by an expert under your supervision. 
  • The business is responsible for and carries insurance that will cover any damage that might occur to artwork while in their workplace. 
  • Get a deposit before releasing your artwork for display.
Don't give art away for free. 

Art is a calling. It is also a business.

©Jennifer Smith 2015