Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm Just Like Every Other Boss

Aw geez - arrogant me.

I thought I was going to be a different kind of boss...don't we all?

I was going to be the one who understood the needs of the people who worked for me. I was going to be the one who really "gets" artistic priorities. I was going to be everybody's idea of the Perfect Boss - understanding, sympathetic, and the Queen of Flex Time.

Who do I think I am? Why would I be the exception? why did I think I was so special?

I turns out, I am like all small biz bosses. I want to get the product beautifully finished and shipped - in AvantGarb's case, that product is really cute, fuzzy mascots.

I have wonderful, talented, well-educated, experienced, smart, funny, good-looking people working for me. Some have dreams of designing for significant plays & films. Maybe they will.

Right now, however, they work for AvantGarb and there are schedules that have to be met.

I love talking about what's new in theater, film and the arts. My employees keep me up to date. My employees make my life richer and I love them for it.

....but, AvantGarb creates mascots and ships them out on time. We are not an art organization. Anything that gets in the way of production & shipping is a problem. 

Any extracurricular outings, like theater design meetings during the day, are a problem. As a small biz owner, I have enough problems. Unless its a really big problem, I don't want to know it.

All bosses/small biz owners are the same. We're growing and nurturing our businesses. We have enough worries; getting the job done and making payroll.

Some people have been with AvantGarb for many years. Other for just a few weeks. 

I like a team. I don't like a bunch of individuals who don't have AvantGarb's best interest at heart.

I used to think I was exceptional, creative, insightful & nice. But really, I'm just like every other small biz boss.

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