Monday, March 30, 2015

"We're Closed" = RFRA Bill in Indiana

Yes I live in Indianapolis,

My business is in Indianapolis.

Right now, all businesses in Indianapolis are in shock.

A Religious Freedom (RFRA) bill found it's way to Governor Pence's desk, and he foolishly signed it.

The bill allows businesses to refuse to do biz with people with whom they disagree. It seems to be aimed at the gay communitee.

When I started AvantGarb, my plan was to make costumes for avant-garde theater - thus the name. And I have certainly designed costumes for some fascinating performances. However, pretty early on, I got calls from companies and corporations that wanted mascots.

Rather than say "no" to customers I perceived as the wrong customers for me, I sad "yes". I have never regretted that first, "yes".

It turns out, I was born to make mascots! I love mascots! I believe mascot could bring world peace!

My customers defined my business for me. They knew better than I.

A bill like RFRA promotes the "no". It discourages the revelation. It puts the kabosh on the party. It is bad for all businesses in Indiana, large and small.

Business wants to grow and thrive - to stretch out in exciting, new directions.

With RFRA, Indiana tells the world that we aren't interested in the new. That we don't want to innovate and thrive. RFRA is like hanging out a "We're closed" sign.

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