Wednesday, March 25, 2009

getting the word out

Mom & best friends might know you're in some sorta arty biz, but if they are the only ones who know, you will soon be outta business.

Tell absolutely everybody who might even be remotely interested about your business and what you're selling.

Word-of mouth only a small part of a marketing plan!

A targeted way to get the word out is through electronic newsletters through websites like ConstantContact. Do status updates on FaceBook, join LinkedIn and learn to Twitter---this is advice I should follow---I'm going to join Twitter this afternoon and start tweeting!

Blast the world with news of your business. Follow up with phone calls and e-mail. Make appointment to meet with people who might be able to send biz your way.

Send serious or wacky bits of this and that--anything connected with the idea of your biz.

...oh yeah, and have fun getting the word out.

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