Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Art Cred

Fabric has always been the thing that moved me---its my medium. I saw a monumental, soft-sculpture Claes Oldenburg exhibit at MoMA when I was young, I was hooked on the creative possibilities of fabric and art. The giant, soft typewriter was just great and floppy and off kilter. Oh yeah, and the giant tube of toothpaste---ah, the 60's!
So, Oldenburg is partially responsible for my meandering path to art and business. Here's a little synopsis:
  • Friends of the Rag (FOR) in Seattle. We were a band of artists who put on really grand, arty productions at museums, bars, country fairs, society galas, even opening of the aquarium---where I was a Sexy Salmon!
  • Craft fair where I sold Soft sculpture plants in soft pots
  • NEA grant and a moved to NYC.
  • Concieved and produced a series of costume performances like Fashion Passion, Fashion Fever, Fashion Accident at St Marks-in-the-Bowery Church.--- Undercover Work at the Avant Garde Festival---She Shops for Bargains on Canal St.
  • I was a studio artist at PS 1 (now part of MoMA) way, way,way back in the day when artists were awarded studios there---What a place!
  • Worked at the NewMuseum and at MoMA,
  • Met a guy (Jim), fell in love (still in love), got married, had a kid (Annie!) moved to Berkeley
  • Costumed for Beach Blanket Babylon
  • Had another kid (Katie!)
  • Started AvantGarb!!!! - in my Berkely CA garage---where else would a little biz like mine start?
Would I have wandered down this path without Claus Oldenburg?

For more on Clas Oldenburg go to: https://www.artsy.net/artist/claes-oldenburg

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